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Fair Lady Synopsis

Fairs showcase all that is great in a community, the industry, the agriculture and the talents of its residents. Local county fairs blend entertainment, education, and family into one extraordinary annual festival. The aroma of popcorn, the joy of winning at a carnival game, the thrilling rides that get your blood pumping, the distinctive entertainment, and the animals that you can touch, see, (and even smell) are all components of a unique festival that has endured since the 1800s.


 But what goes into making memories that last a lifetime? On the other side of the Ferris wheel are challenges and obstacles that a county fair manager must confront in order for the show to go on. The author shares her experiences, some humorous, some profound, of her 20 years leading a fair in Western New York state. Fair Lady takes you behind the scenes for an insider's peek at this historic and annual piece of the American landscape.

Mission statement: The mission of “Fair Lady” is to share the experience of planning and executing a successful local fair while providing insight into the world of being a woman business leader in the 20th century.

Vision statement: To allow the reader to discover the day-to-day  intricacies of running a small business that includes establishing customer service guidelines, developing partnerships, managing resources, overcoming gender obstacles, overseeing financial needs, and providing an "edutainment" event to the community with an emphasis on the humorous side of being manager of the Monroe County Fair.

Values statement:  “Fair Lady” shares with readers the challenges of being a woman executive within the fair and event management business during an era when this was a rarity. The book takes a peek at the attention to detail, the organization, and the planning that was needed to run the business successfully as well as a management philosophy that allowed her to operate a small and underfunded non-profit organization in what was often a hostile environment. Told in a humorous light, it also provides nostalgic entertainment for readers that have fond memories of their own county fairs.

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