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After the Enchantment Synopsis

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After the Enchantment is a novel about what happens after love’s fairy tale ends. It is a story of betrayal and forgiveness in the face of overwhelming adversity. And ultimately, it is a story of how love endures.


Francesca and David are unlikely lovers. Francesca is scarred by an abusive marriage and afraid of her ex-husband who is stalking her. David is shattered and still haunted by the death of his wife and the tragic circumstances of her death. Although not looking for love, they can’t deny the chemistry between them, and after a romantic courtship, they marry. That is where the fairy tale ends as each deals with the demons that threaten their happily ever after.


Murder, treachery and secrets keep the reader on a twisted path as the characters struggle to hold onto their love – and their lives.

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Mission statement: The mission of “After the Enchantment” is to entertain romance lovers with an original story that depicts dysfunctional marriages, damaging secrets and the dark forces that threaten to destroy the happily ever after of the characters.

Vision statement: To allow the reader to experience the protagonist's struggle as she attempts to forget her haunted past and forge a new relationship while navigating moral dilemmas that take the story in twisted directions, keeping the reader guessing.

Values statement: To create a story for female readers that provides drama, romance, mystery, and comedy s with a set of relatable characters that, despite overwhelming obstacles, still believe in the value of family, forgiveness and enduring love.

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